72 Sales Last Week; Who Has the Best View for Fireworks?

Looks like Seattleites went on a shopping spree last week, gearing up to find a place to gaze at the fireworks; a whopping 72 condo and townhomes went pending! There were quite a few interesting units to choose from, including a space at the 16 unit boutique Three19, a Wallingford townhome, and a Pioneer Square… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

It is slightly later in the day than I usually query for last week’s sales but I’ll do it anyway: 27 condos and townhouses sold in Seattle. Escala represented yet again for new construction condos by selling a 1 bedroom (#1409 for 426K), and then there were a few notable resales. 530 Broadway Ave #126… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

As I hear the rain patter against my window, it feels like a good time to point you to a recent post on Redfin’s Seattle Sweet Digs about touring open houses on dark and stormy days. They’re verdict: do it. Which makes it pretty convenient that there are 87 open houses scheduled for this weekend… Read More

MLS Watch

Sorry for the slow posting, work is killing me. 2200 vs. Cosmo 36 vs. 65. It’s also interesting to note that there are 4 new listings at 2200 listed by John L Scott’s Jon Hunter who is working for Vulcan on Enso/Rollin/Veer. The listings all look curiously the same. Are these Vulcan owned units that… Read More

MLS Watch for Last Week

It was a busy week at work for me last week so I didn’t have time to do condo watch. Here’s a re-cap of the week: 2200 Wow, lots of new listings at Live 2200: #W700. #S-403, #W309, #W804, #1001, #S-505. There was also two price drops – $33,000 price drop to $995,000 for unit… Read More

MLS Watch: Reverse psychology at Three19

The new construction market seems to have really cooled off during this holiday season. Fortunately we have MLS watch to generate at least a few posts a week here :). Three19 is trying a little reverse psychology. See their units aren’t selling so they’re now raising the price an additional $30,100. Interesting. Let’s see if… Read More

Invitations for events

While out last week in Manhattan I received an invitation to a pre-completion preview of three19 (which where I hear closing has been delayed AGAIN. I’m assuming that this is so they can finish the unsold units ahead of the ones that people have already purchased so they can get potential buyers in them while… Read More

FatReport – Hot or not?

People have been chatting about The FatReport in the comments, so it’s time to start blogging about what they’re publishing. Selling well Here are some projects that have been selling well. Cosmo – 239 of 250 units sold Meritage – 46 of 48 units sold Mosler – 136 of 150 units sold Parc – 136… Read More

306 Summit Ave

306 Summit Ave just hit the market: This building site comes with complete set of approved plans for 4 contemporary townhomes; permits already issued! Each unit is 4 stories: ~1500 sq ft w/ 2 bed, 2.5 baths & private garaged parking off alley. Located on the westside of Capitol Hill, it’s the perfect solution for… Read More

Three19 and the Meritage

Recently Wendy did a review of Three19 and the Meritage: All in all, Meritage and Three19 have a great location, good pricing, and nice finishes. I would rate both of them a 4.5/5. Having paid attention to both (and bought at the Meritage) what are my thoughts? If you’re looking for a two bedroom, I… Read More

Three19 Photos

A good friend of mine recently purchased at Three19 and I had the opportunity to tour the site. Here’s a photo of the development, the side that faces Summit. 3rd floor Photo out of 303 facing west: Photo out of 301 facing east: 5th floor Photo of 501’s big deck: Photo out of 501’s living… Read More

Three19: 11 homes remain!

I got an email from Three19 that only 11 homes remain! Ugh, they only had 16 units to start with? Numbers count when it comes to three19 only eleven homes remain puget sound views from six of those eleven one large deck, some have two four quiet blocks from the heart of Capitol Hill $350,000’s… Read More

Added: three19

Just added three19 (as in 319 Summit), another development on Capitol Hill. It’s 16 units, six stories high, one and two bedrooms. They’re releasing a few units for sale now in advance of the pre-sale. They start at $355,000 for a one bed, 682 square feet with no view and go up to $434,000 for… Read More