Hillku Spell Checks Vertigo

I love this photo on Hillku making fun of the condo conversion known as Seattle’s ugliest condo (yes, it has since been repainted several times, getting slightly better with each new paint scheme): Another less obvious problem with the sign is the two phone numbers. Which should I call? Any bets on how long before… Read More

Vertigo – Not selling, trying lease-to-own

While some people are increasing prices to try and move units, doomed from the worst paint job ever, Vertigo, is trying lease to own.

Hillku on urban renewal

Hillku a blog written by a friend of mine has featured a couple poems about condos. One references Vertigo and the other two references establishments being torn down to make way for the Pine and Belmont mega-condo. Now I hate to out the author but I do find it interesting he recently moved into some… Read More

MLS Watch: More inventory but less interesting listings

There’s all this talk of increasing inventory but there have been far fewer interesting listings in the past few months making MLS watch even harder. Here’s what I’ve seen of interest as of late. If you have anything to add let me know. 2200 vs. Cosmo 36 vs. 60 19th Ave Lofts 1812 19th Ave… Read More

Vertigo Update

A reader wrote in with the following update on Vertigo (I guess my photo is out of date now!): I just stopped by the Vertigo on Republican and got the latest price sheet. Yes, it’s an awful looking exterior. Overall pricing is now $175k to $425k. Available units sq footage range from 370 (Studio) to… Read More

MLS Watch: 3 unique units, one odd building

Here is what caught my eye today (plus there was a few more units at 2200 that came online but I’m getting tired of blogging about them.) If anything catches your eye feel free to post it in the forums (I tend to focus too much on Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, Belltown and Pioneer… Read More

Vertigo to get less ugly?

One of the most popular articles on Urbnlivn has been, Ugliest condo building in Seattle? Today I was walking by Vertigo and noticed some test patches on the walls: Vertigo Getting Painted? Hosted on Zooomr I asked one of the workers standing around which colors they were going with and he said he didn’t know… Read More

Vertigo hits the MLS

Vertigo’s model has hit the MLS, 705 E Republican St #502. At $455/sq ft it feels like a pricey conversion for Capitol Hill given it’s ugly status. But there are 12 photos attached to the listing if you’re interested in seeing the interior:

Ugliest condo building in Seattle?

I recently had two people contact me within a twenty four hour window about a condo conversion on Capitol Hill. Apparently this place was hideous. Here’s what one friend had to say: Have you walked by it lately? Prior to turning it into condos they 1) cut down the huge birch trees on the corner… Read More