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Insignia North Tower Closings (and Flipping) Begins

Closings have just started at the north tower of Insignia. Insignia is the 698-unit, two tower condo project by Bosa that is a little over 92% sold. With closings starting we’ll likely see a handful of folks “flip” their units, that is selling them without even occupying them. The first such unit, just hit the… Read More

Insignia 93%, Luma 50%, Gridiron 18%, Vik 99%

If you’re thinking of buying a new construction condo or home, get in touch! We’ve toured all the condos, been through many new construction single-family homes and townhomes and have helped many buyers navigate pre-sales. You can reach me at matt@urbnlivn.com or 206-618-1600. Selling Now Bryant Heights 14 single family homes, 9 sold, 1 pending,… Read More

Insignia 92%, Luma 50%, Gridiron 18%, Nexus Coming Soon

Hot on the heels of the Seattle Times article, Seattle condos: Short supply puts extra squeeze on housing market here is our update on the status of all the condo new construction projects as well as a few single family and larger townhouse projects. If you’re thinking of buying a new construction condo or home,… Read More

One Bedroom at Insignia

If you missed out on the low prices at Insignia and can’t afford the current $737 buy-in for a brand new unit, there have been a handful of resales popping up in the South Tower but they’re generally moving fast. Unit 512S is a 803 square foot one bedroom, one bathroom. Listed at $585,900 it… Read More

Insignia is 91% Sold

We were over at Insignia earlier this week and it sounds like they just hit 91% sold. I get a lot of emails about what their lower priced units are. So here you go! There are only four left, all in the north tower, under a $1m. #205N – $737,800 #305N – $743,700 #3001N –… Read More

Sales Update: Vik 97%, Insignia 89%, Luma 50%, Gridiron 17%

The big update from last month is that the oh-so-secretive Luma released their Q1 sales numbers. They’re now 50% sold. Insignia, the biggest new construction project in town is closing in on 90% sold. Gridiron, is at 18%, and has added a construction cam so you can keep an eye on things. If you’re thinking… Read More

Sales Update: Vik 96%, Insignia 86.5%, Luma 30%, Gridiron 16%

Selling Now Bryant Heights 14 single family homes, 8 sold, 2 for sale, 4 off market Move in date: as they sell Fort Lawton 92% pending + closed – Montana Circle 13 houses, 12 closed + pending, 1 coming soon Move in date: as they sell Fort Lawton – Officer’s Row 13 houses coming soon… Read More

Did Flipping Insignia South Units Pay Off?

We noticed how quickly a flipped unit at Insignia went pending the other day and decided to dig into resales at Insignia to see how many there were and how they worked out for the sellers. My takeaway is that flipping hasn’t been super profitable if you figure 8% in transaction costs to sell (ignoring… Read More

Sales Update: Insignia 82%, Luma 16%, Vik 86%, Girdiron 14%

Quick update on sales numbers for new construction projects in the area. Sales for the projects we have received updates from have slowed, with the exception of Vik, and possibly Luma, but Luma is going to update on sales numbers until the end of the year. This update we’re adding Hyde, a new condo development… Read More

Condo Sales #’s: Insignia 80%, Gridiron 15%, Fort Lawton 8%

Quick update on sales numbers for new construction projects in the area. This update we’re adding Gridiron, Fort Lawton and Residences at Fairview. Selling Now Fort Lawton – 8% pending 26 houses, 2 pending, 2 coming November 12th Move in date: as they sell Gridiron – 15% reserved 107 units, 16 reservations Move in date:… Read More

9th Floor Insignia Rental With Large Patio

It’s the large patio that first caught my attention on this 2 bedroom condo for rent at Insignia.  It overlooks the building’s very nicely designed courtyard, two stories below. This brand new 2 bedroom, 1.75 bathroom, 1,006 sq ft condo at 588 Bell Street, is available for $3,650/month.  The kitchen has quartz countertops, Bosch and… Read More

Condo Sales #’s: Insignia 78%, Luma 16%, Solo 90%, Vik 74%

Quick update on sales numbers. Unfortunately just able to get numbers from Insignia and Solo. Selling Now Insignia North Tower – 74% pending 348 units, 256 pending (+20 since last month) Move in date: summer 2016 Insignia South Tower – 83% pending & closed 350 units, 12 in escrow, 278 closed (+69 since last month)… Read More

Insignia South Tower Sales Data

In the spring the PSBJ said the Moment of truth for Seattle’s condo market will come this summer: More than 235 condos at the big Insignia project under construction in downtown Seattle have been pre-sold, but what people are paying has not been disclosed. Well, that moment is here. Urbnlivn has gone through King County… Read More

Condo #s: Insignia 75%, Luma 16%, Solo 90%, Vik 71%

Since we checked a little over a month ago Insignia has been the big seller adding 39 pending units at the North Tower and the South Tower adding 13. Vik picked up 9, Luma picked up 4 and Solo Lofts still has two units remaining. Selling Now Insignia North Tower – 68% pending 348 units,… Read More

Insignia North Tower Release Event

Insignia, the largest supply of new condos in the city, is hosting a release event this weekend for their north tower: NORTH TOWER RELEASE EVENT Light Bites & Beverages Saturday, 3/21 and Sunday, 3/22, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Insignia Sales Center RSVP@InsigniaByBosa.com Unclear whether you can actually put money down on a condo in… Read More

Have You Bought at Insignia?

Mark Stiles over at the PSBJ likely correctly surmises that, Moment of truth for Seattle’s condo market will come this summer: The Mark Co., which is the broker of record for the 707-unit Insignia, said that 70 percent of the units in the first tower have been pre-sold, but declined to say for how much…. Read More

Solo Lofts 60% Sold, Insignia 50% Sold, Vik 25%

Dave from Solo Lofts lets us know that they’re now 60% sold. As well excavation is almost complete, and they finished drilling in the piles. (Disclosure: Solo Lofts is an Urbnlivn advertiser.) We also recently heard from Insignia who has sold 50% of their south tower. 6 penthouse shells remain at Escala. Vik is 25%… Read More

Insignia: 145 Under Contract

Insignia emailed to say they now have 145 units under contract (out of 350) and are nearing the topping out of the south tower and are up to about the 7th / 8th floor in construction of the North Tower. Here are some photos of the view. WOW.

Labor Dispute at Insignia

From the “that didn’t take long department”. Insignia seems to be involved in some sort of labor dispute.

Insignia Really at 30 Pending

Earlier today we reported Insignia was at 22 pending according to the MLS. We reached out to them and they are actually at 30 pending since their September 21st opening.