Watch for Falling Window Panes

Unique news from KOMO News came in yesterday when a window pane fell more than 300 feet onto a parking lot just a block from Pike Place Market. The incident occurred at the 1521 2nd Avenue condos from a unit on the 30th floor. Apparently a double pane window in an empty unit broke. And while no one… Read More

Luxury Condo Living at 1521

For those lucky buyers shopping in the $2m range here’s another option this week. There aren’t many condo buildings more luxurious than 1521. Located on 2nd between Pike and Pine, it is a 39 story condo building built in 2008. In my opinion it is the best looking high-rise residential building in Seattle. For those… Read More

Luxury Condo Living at 1521

There aren’t many condo buildings more luxurious than 1521. Located on 2nd between Pike and Pine, it is a 39 story condo building built in 2008. In my opinion it is the best looking high-rise residential building in Seattle. For those who love it too here’s a northwest corner unit on the 19th floor with… Read More

Olive 8 and 1521 Sales Centers Closing

In a sign that we’re running out of new construction inventory, this Saturday, March 30th, from 12 to 5pm the sales teams for Olive 8 and 1521 will be hosting their final sales events. Following the event both sales centers will be removed and the properties will be shown by appointment only. Just five homes… Read More

Capitol Hill and Downtown Sales Remain Steady; 36 Sales Last Week

Sales continued to remain steady in the downtown and Capitol Hill neighborhoods last week, and we saw a slight increase in units pending in West Seattle and Wallingford.  Another 1 bedroom sold at the Olive 8, (on the 32nd floor), a 2 bedroom at Hillclimb Court in Belltown, and a 1,723 sf view home at… Read More

A $7,000 Rental at 1521

We thought the Belltown rental we blogged about a few days ago cost a pretty penny at $6,000 a month. Here’s a new listing in the 1521 building on 2nd Ave that’s even higher…in floor number and rent. The owner of this two-bedroom condo (1723 sq ft)  on the 29th floor is asking for $7,000… Read More

Will New Hotels Mean Vanishing Views?

We love homes with great views here at and many of you do too. An alert reader pointed out that some of those views could vanish if yesterday’s front page Seattle Times story pans out. The article notes that a wave of new hotels is planned for Downtown Seattle. So, we decided to check… Read More

Multiple Listings at 1521

I notice there are two new listings at 1521 this week, #1000 for $1,445,000 and #2501 for $1,830,000, which appears to bring the total to 9 homes currently available (although, their website says 10). The view certainly is spectacular from the 25th floor – from Smith Tower to the Space Needle and every snow-topped Cascade… Read More

$1.4m Loss on 1521 Resale

Seattle Bubble’s eagle eyes spotted this monster loss on a re-sale at 1521, Top Floor Unit at 1521 Sells for 27% Off 2009 Price. The unit in question is #3802. Just sold for $3.6m. Originally bought for $5m. The previous buyer only financed $2.5 million at purchase, followed by another $500k loan a few months… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Only 10 condos and townhouses sold last week in Seattle; however, there are a couple of resales to peruse. 1610 Belmont Ave #210 Listed on Dec 1, this 670 sf, 1-bedroom condo at the Press went pending in four days and closed last week for $252K. That was quick :). 1521 2nd Ave #1101 A… Read More

Update: New Construction Condo Inventory

The last time we checked in on new construction condo inventory was back in July, and before that in May. In May inventory looked to be 75% sold, then the needle shifted to 77% in July, and now the properties tracked in this list are 81% sold in all. As for what’s gone down the… Read More

1521 Condo Under $1 Million

After recently clicking on an updated listing for 1521 Second Avenue, I rubbed my eyes and squinted at the screen and still the asking price on #1202 showed itself to have a sub-$1M price tag — $945K to be exact. For those not familiar with 1521, the downtown luxury condominium has a track record of… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Seattle had 35 closed sales in condos and townhouses last week. In new construction, Escala (#608 and #303) and Gallery (#608) once again tally up closed sales, and this time Hjarta (#509 and #309) and Olive 8 (#3209) join in. In resales, there’s one at 1521, plus two condos sell in Cristalla and a 2nd… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Seattle closed on 35 sales in condos and townhouses last week. Besides the notable $3M sale at 1521, new construction condos also closed at Trace North (#203), Gallery (#816), Olive 8 (#2810), and two at Escala (#503 & #1001). In terms of resales… 401 9th Ave N #103 A ground floor, 2-story unit at Veer… Read More

Check In: New Construction Condo Inventory

Just over two months ago, I did a roundup of new construction condo inventory in Seattle. It seems about time to check in and see where things stand now. Last time I said that inventory was 69% sold overall; however, I missed a few properties in my roundup. So after adding those in (including several… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

31 condos and townhouses sold last week in Seattle including a run of four at Escala and two notable resales on/near Capitol Hill. Escala (1920 4th Ave) I’d like to speculate that the four sales closed last week at Escala were partly due to new owners wanting a perch from which to watch the Pride… Read More

How Fast is the Internet in Your Building?

Last week Geekwire profiled, a growing branch of Spectrum Networks that is bringing high speed Internet to condos and apartments in Seattle. CondoInternet’s service is not just high speed — it is being coined as “super broadband” because it has a minimum speed of 100 Mbps, with some services allowing surging up to 500… Read More

New Construction Condo Inventory

When new construction condos went all gangbusters a couple weeks back and closed nearly half of the condo and townhouse sales that week, it seemed like a good time to do an inventory round-up to see what’s left to buy in Seattle. And when you think about remaining inventory, you can’t help but think about… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

123 condos and townhouses are at this moment preparing to open their house to you this weekend. And so is the luxury condominium, 1521, who is welcoming curious buyers to tour a selection of the remaining 20% of their inventory that is for sale from 12-4PM on Saturday and Sunday. 76 Cedar #1211 Sunday, 1-4PM… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Of the 26 condos and townhouses that closed last week, there was nearly an equal split between new construction sales and resales. I don’t specifically measure the ratio each week but as I scrolled through the list, it struck me that it seems like a higher ratio of new construction than usual. New Construction The… Read More