Second + Pike Axes 270 Apartment Units

From the PSBJ, Urban Visions reconfigures Second and Pike project into office, residential, retail tower: Greg Smith, who heads Seattle-based Urban Visions, said the building will have two to three stories of retail with a plaza, and around 140,000 square feet of office topped by about 20 apartments on four levels. There will be underground… Read More

The Stranger Reflects on Second and Pine

Back when I was younger and working at Microsoft I would head to Pagliacci Pizza on Friday nights before heading out to the bar. While scarfing down two slices of pizza and as much water as I could handle I’d catch up on what was going on in Seattle by reading the Stranger. These days… Read More

Second + Pine 25% Reserved

I received an email saying that the project at Second and Pine is already 25% reserved. It’s unclear what reserved means though they are boasting: The Priority Preview Events held last night at Benaroya Hall resulted in 20 new home reservations for the condominiums representing over $30 million in condominium sales. There’s another review tonight,… Read More