More Condos (and Hotel Units) Coming to Downtown

On Wednesday Marc Stiles at the PSBJ broke the news, Downtown Seattle hotel-condo project planned: The project is planned for the corner of Stewart Street and Minor Avenue, according to a press release on GIS’s website. The site, which is now a parking lot, is the same place where GIS planned a 25-story hotel and… Read More

Stewart + Minor Site For Sale

UrbanAsh has the news that one of the few new construction projects I was looking forward to is selling its land for $4 mil. Stewart + Minor was being developed by the same twenty-something siblings behind the delayed European Tower.

European Tower Delayed – The Pipeline Is Drying Up!

From the Seattle Times today, Bellevue condo project, European Tower, put on hold: The developer of 16-story European Tower, a downtown Bellevue project whose design features just one unit on each floor, said Wednesday that it won’t start construction until the market turns around. Eugene Gershman, chief operating officer of Bellevue-based GIS International Group, attributed… Read More

Stewart + Minor preview

Yesterday day my friend Ming (who is looking for a 700+ sf space under $400k) and I went to the Stewart and Minor preview. The preview was at the Realogics offices and was hosted by none other than the Dean himself. Eventually seven people showed up. Most of the night was spent walking through their… Read More

Stewart and Minor preview events

Stewart and Minor is hosting preview events November 13th if you’re a broker and November 14th-17th if you’re actually going to buy a unit. Instead of the usual cocktails navel gazing they’re holding a series of smaller events. In fact they might even want to hear what we have to say: Please join us for… Read More

My dream job

I didn’t realize the folks behind Stewart and Minor were so young and sorry for blogging about an article that is a month old. From the PSBJ, Loft living (via UrbanAsh): Thinking outside the box, Eugene and Tanya Gershman — two 20-something siblings behind Bellevue’s cutting-edge European Tower — will soon ask Seattleites to consider… Read More