Interesting Sales Last Week

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s get 2011 wrapped up here — a look at Redfin shows that the final week in 2011 yielded 29 sold condos and townhouses in Seattle. In new construction condos that means #3110 sold at Olive 8 and then a few more at Escala. Escala (1920 4th Ave) Four more condos… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

20 condos and townhouses sold last week in Seattle. In new construction condos, one unit sold at Decatur (#912 for just under $223K) and then there’s a few others of note. 3056 24th Ave W Someone must have walked in with a suitcase of cash because this Magnolia townhouse was listed on Dec 7 for… Read More

Update: New Construction Condo Inventory

The last time we checked in on new construction condo inventory was back in July, and before that in May. In May inventory looked to be 75% sold, then the needle shifted to 77% in July, and now the properties tracked in this list are 81% sold in all. As for what’s gone down the… Read More

Decatur: 3 Condos Reduced by $28K+

Just noticed this morning that there are three units at First Hill’s Decatur that dropped by $28K+ from pricing in March. #610 – 1 bedroom, 630 sf for $176,950, was $213,950 (17% lower) #812 – 1 bedroom, 700 sf for $177,950, was $209,950 (15% lower) #1102 – 1 bedroom, 540 sf for $159,950, was $187,950… Read More

Check In: New Construction Condo Inventory

Just over two months ago, I did a roundup of new construction condo inventory in Seattle. It seems about time to check in and see where things stand now. Last time I said that inventory was 69% sold overall; however, I missed a few properties in my roundup. So after adding those in (including several… Read More

Two Left at 1111 E Pike; Decatur Down to One 2-Bd

Well, it appears I have a little media blast catching up to do. Since the condo inventory roll-up we did on May 18, the Decatur and 1111 East Pike have each sold 3 units according to media blasts sent out last Friday. That brings the Decatur to 22 remaining (85% sold) and 1111 East Pike… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Seattle saw 35 condos and townhouses sold last week. In new construction condo sales, Escala (#305) and Decatur (#207) closed one sale each, while Olive 8 closed another two (#2801 & #2909). Plus these notable sales: Queen’s Court, 124 Warren Ave N Two 1-bedroom condos sold at this historic renovation in lower Queen Anne last… Read More

New Construction Condo Inventory

When new construction condos went all gangbusters a couple weeks back and closed nearly half of the condo and townhouse sales that week, it seemed like a good time to do an inventory round-up to see what’s left to buy in Seattle. And when you think about remaining inventory, you can’t help but think about… Read More

Fiscal Responsibility on First Hill

Everyone pretty much knows that renting is a losing investment compared to buying a home. But did you know that if you are currently renting on First Hill, then buying at the Decatur could actually save you thousands of dollars over five years purely on a net cash flow basis? Realogics and Cobalt Mortgage have… Read More

Decatur Releases 21 More Homes

Decatur is declaring success on their phase 1 of sales saying “over a dozen homes sold last month!” and releasing 21 additional homes. They’re also FHA approved. See their site for a new photo gallery of glossy photos.

Bulk Sales Approach Sells 20 Condos

Over the weekend I got a press release from Realogics, Condo Bulk Buy Success – Sales Release Already Two-Thirds Sold. They’ve sold 20 homes out of the initial 30-unit release at The Decatur and Eleven Eleven. From the release: Based on the 20 sales to date, Cunningham estimates buyers purchased at prices that were between… Read More

Video Explaining Condo Bulk Buy

Realizing this condo bulk buy idea is kinda confusing Realogics has put together a video answering the frequently asked questions: Condo Bulk Buy from Northwest Public Relations on Vimeo. Dean also emailed over the following: I do recognize the bulk sales approach is a new concept for folks to wrap their minds around. It’s important… Read More

Realogics Brings Decatur Back on The Market

Decatur on First Hill has been on the market for years and has only sold 83 of 146 homes. Today Realogics announces, Marketing Resumes at The Decatur Condominiums With Bulk Sales Strategy: An award-winning project team led by Sandalwood Management is set to release the remaining 63 homes for sale in blocks that feature bulk… Read More

MLS Watch – 2 weeks of new construction updates

2200 25 Bellagio Added 3 more units to the MLS for a total of 4. Their HOAs feel really low at $0.26/square foot. Cosmo 28 Decatur Decatur recently dropped prices on a number of units between $3k and $10k. Though oddly raised the price of #1306 $3k to $302,950 and #1007 $5k to $465,960 Equinox… Read More

Condos are in demand but…

If condos are really in demand why all the incentives? From this Sunday’s Seattle Times. Carbon 56: $5,600 buyer bonus Decatur: $4,000 buyer bonus Press: No HOA dues for 2 years Queen Anne High: $10,000 buyer bonus on all homes Tobira: $4,000 buyer bonus

Turn around at the Decatur

Matt: It seems as though there has been a turn around at the Decatur since our first reader report. Read on about how the situation has changed from a reader. I closed on my unit in Decatur 32 days ago and am very pleased with my decision. Since Decatur and Wysong have previously received an… Read More

An ugly Decatur inspection

Matt: I had a reader e-mail me about the inspection they had done on their Decatur unit (Decatur is a conversion on Pioneer Square by the Wysong Group who has done the conversions for the Press, Tobira and Windsor Court. It certainly does not sound good. Are there any other Decatur readers here? What did… Read More

Sunday Seattle Times

It’s been a while since I posted about the ads in the Sunday Seattle Times. Here’s a quick look at who’s advertising. You’ll notice only one Williams Marketing project on the list. Oddly last week the ran ads for Olive 8, Fini, Leona, 5th and Madison, Mosler, Meritage and Eastlake Lofts but this week they… Read More

Decatur party was packed

I was unable to attend the Decatur opening event. I thought it was just a preview event but apparently they were writing up purchase and sale agreements. I hear from my spies that the place was packed, every one was elbow to elbow and that at least 26 PSAs were drawn up. I also hear… Read More

New event: Decatur Grand Opening Gala

I just received a snail mail invitation for Decatur who is having their Grand Opening Gala January 19th from 5 to 8pm at 1105 Spring Street. Decatur Condominiums, located in the historic First Hill neighborhood. Dramatic vintage in-city high-rise condominiums ready for occupancy in January 2007. Urban one-bedroom and two-bedroom residences, priced from the low… Read More