Update: New Construction Condo Inventory

The last time we checked in on new construction condo inventory was back in July, and before that in May. In May inventory looked to be 75% sold, then the needle shifted to 77% in July, and now the properties tracked in this list are 81% sold in all. As for what’s gone down the… Read More

Check In: New Construction Condo Inventory

Just over two months ago, I did a roundup of new construction condo inventory in Seattle. It seems about time to check in and see where things stand now. Last time I said that inventory was 69% sold overall; however, I missed a few properties in my roundup. So after adding those in (including several… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

There were 27 closed sales in Seattle’s condo and townhouse market last week. After last week’s round-up of new construction condo inventory, it seems that the following units moved from the ‘pending’ column to the ‘sold’ column: Trace North #320 and #420 – both 1-bedroom condos that closed for $425/sf and $417/sf respectively. Enso #505… Read More

New Construction Condo Inventory

When new construction condos went all gangbusters a couple weeks back and closed nearly half of the condo and townhouse sales that week, it seemed like a good time to do an inventory round-up to see what’s left to buy in Seattle. And when you think about remaining inventory, you can’t help but think about… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Last week, 40 sales of condos and townhouses closed in Seattle. I must say, it’s nice to see new construction condo sales monopolizing this list today. The luxury condominiums of 1521 and 200 West Highland closed two sales apiece last week. 200 West Highland is pretty much sold out with one final condo pending, while… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

A total of 29 condos and townhouses sold last week, bringing Seattle to 79 closed condo and townhouse sales so far in April. 1577 Lakeview Blvd E After 6 weeks on the market, the second of three new townhouses on Lakeview Blvd went pending on March 9 and then last week the sale officially closed… Read More

200 West Highland: Last Unit Standing

Update 4/12: Last one is no longer standing. #505 went pending yesterday. Matt has been telling me to go tour 200 West Highland for over a month. It’s been slowly making its way to the top of my to-do list. But when I saw Matt’s post yesterday about the Seattle Times article reporting that only… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Seattle saw 39 closed sales on condos and townhouses – and just over half of those sales were on new construction (built in 2008 or later). Trace North (#604), Escala (#1801), Marselle (#606), and 200 W Highland (#203) each closed a sale apiece, but the real story last week was in townhouses around Greenlake. 7812… Read More

Price It And It Will Sell

This weekend the Seattle Times checked in on 200 West Highland, Queen Anne condos sell quickly after bank foreclosure: But over the past four months buyers have closed on 12 of the 17 spacious homes that sat unsold when the bank took back the five-story building. Some much larger high-end projects haven’t sold nearly as… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

I’m halfway convinced that someday when I run my Redfin query on last week’s sales and the results come back higher than 50 condos and townhouses, that music will play while balloons and confetti fall from the ceiling. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this time – only 30 condos and townhouses sold last week in Seattle,… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

It’s the low twenties again for Seattle condo and townhouse sales in the past week. 23 to be exact. You might be interested to hear that: Escala (1920 4th Ave) Escala closed 3 sales last week – a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom – which might just be the real estate equivalent of… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Compared to the week prior, Seattle more than doubled its condo and townhouse sales with 31 sales last week. The big winners included: A whopping 10 unit bulk sale at Olive 8 tops our list. According to a press release on Feb 17 (PDF), a total of 15 price-reduced units have sold since the January… Read More

Interesting Sales This Week

In the past week, Seattle has seen 28 sales in the condo and townhouse market. Besides two more sales at the Escala (that may or may not have been encouraged by the video tours of a baseball star’s Escala condo), following are a couple of note. After the threat of foreclosure in May 2010 and… Read More

Apprentice Star Bringing 200 West Highland Back

200 West Highland is going to be back on the market November 16th at 5pm. Re-launched by none other than Apprentice & HGTV star Kendra Todd, now with Keller Williams here in Seattle. (I totally got sucked for way too long into that Wikipedia article about Kendra.) To be totally honest, I forgot 200 West… Read More

Price Increases?

Seeing Escala raise the price on unit 2606 $25k to $1,624,000 reminded me that 200 West Highland has also raised prices on a few units; unit 305 was bumped up $100k to $1,150,000, unit 505 was also bumped $100k to $1,150,000, unit 201 was bumped $25k to $1,800,000 though its still down from its first… Read More

200 West Highland Facing Foreclosure Of 18 Units

The Seattle Times reports that 200 West Highland is in trouble, Prime Queen Anne condo project faces foreclosure. The 25 unit project has only sold 7 units: In a notice filed Tuesday with King County, the bank said it intends to sell the 18 unsold units at 200 West Highland Drive at auction Aug. 6… Read More

Major Price Reductions at 200 West Highland

A few big price reductions at the 200 West Highland condos on Queen Anne yesterday. #302 dropped from $2,850,000 to $2,050,000. #202 dropped from $2,650,000 to $1,775,000.