Background on the Biscayne

If you’re interested in the Biscayne you might also be interested in this comment left recently here by Vito: About the Biscayne — was previously known as the Egypt when they were rental apts. Building has had a lot of structural, siding and roof problems (was cheaply built in the first place) — buyer beware,… Read More

Biscayne Details

Two readers have left comments about the Biscayne (Wallingford conversion). Starting in the $200’s 1B/1BA & 2B/1BA Opening July 2006, but that might just be the office New colors and landscaping They have units under $300,000

New conversion: Biscayne

I reader living in the apartment building the Egypt on Wallingford Ave N. wrote in to say that it’s being converted into a condo named the Biscayne. Does anyone have any details on this project?