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Microsoft expanding

By July 6, 2006


I think this is fairly old news. Strange that the NYT is just picking up on it now but, Microsoft Is Looking for More Elbow Room.

In the midst of its biggest expansion in nearly a decade, the world’s largest software company has suddenly found itself with a major setback: not enough room to grow.

For what it’s worth, I just had to double up with someone at work so I no longer have my own office :(.

…This is my favorite quote in the article:

The Route 520 bridge, which crosses Lake Washington and connects Seattle to Redmond, was built in 1963 to handle 15,000 vehicles a day. Now, 115,000 vehicles cross it daily. Increased traffic, windstorms, earthquakes and boating and traffic accidents have further shortened the bridge’s life and required extensive repairs. State officials worry a strong windstorm or earthquake could damage the bridge beyond repair.

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