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City Income Donuts

By July 26, 2006


Radical Cartography recently published an info graphic testing the donut hypothesis:

These maps show the distribution of income (per capita) around the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the US (all those with population greater than 2,000,000). The goal was to test the “donut” hypothesis — the idea that a city will create concentric rings of wealth and poverty, with the rich both in the suburbs and in the “revitalized” downtown, and the poor stuck in between.

Looks like for Seattle wealth is concentrated around our bodies of water:

One example of the donut hypothesis that I drive by every day is the area between downtown and Leschi, right around the streets in the 20’s and Yesler. Unfortunately I have the feeling that Seattle’s high housing prices and increasing rents are going to drive these people out of their neighborhood so that yuppies can come in and gentrify it.

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