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Condo Teams and Photos

By October 16, 2006


I spent way too much time this weekend first adding support for listing a condo’s architect, builder, developer, interior designer and marketing company and then actually going out and finding out who those are for each project. Not surprisingly very few condo sites actually list all this information. If you work for one of those delinquent condo projects please email me the information I am missing or else I’m going to have to spend less money on cocktails so I can afford to hire an assistant to call you.

Cosmo is an example of a project I could find lots of info on:

And if you click on the name of the architect you can see a list of all the projects that say, Mithun, has worked on.

You can also see a list of events associated with a condo (if they have any events).

I also added photos to as many projects as I could. You would be shocked how hard it was to find photos or renderings. For instance, Trio. Go to their site can you find any? How does a major project like this not have any renderings of the building?

Also very guilty of this practise is marketing firm, Pelar. Their two projects Serena and Tavona have the lamest collection of stock images ever and not a single photo of their buildings. And they’re conversions! (Makes me wonder, what are they trying to hide?)

Is there more information you would like to see me collect? The next feature I want to add is to give you the ability to add comments on a condo project.

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