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Stock up on blue tape?

By October 19, 2006


Ardell over at Rain City Guide has a tip for all of you moving into new construction projects, bring your own blue tape:

But here’s the TIP of the DAY! I love this one and so do my clients. We bring our own blue tape. The new construction person will usually have blue tape, and when you point out a problem, they usually put a piece of blue tape on it. But sometimes if they think it is a picky item, they don’t, and you have to bug them to put a piece of blue tape on it. So bring your own blue tape. Give everyone blue tape. Then you don’t have to call the new construction person for every piddly little item.

And look you can pick some up at Amazon for only $6.95 (I order everything from Amazon now that I have prime and work somewhere that doesn’t care about personal deliveries).

Anyone else move into a new unit and have advice on how to deal with closing?

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