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Discovery center re-opens

By October 25, 2006

Enso, Rollin Street, Veer Lofts

The discovery center for Enso, Rollin, Veer re-opened today. In the back of my mind I knew it was re-opening but I’ve been slammed at work (gotta love 13 hours days). Hopefully I can sneak away tomorrow (unlikely) or Thursday to check it out and snap some photos. If you beat me to it be sure to send your photos/thoughts and I’ll re-post them if you don’t have your own blog. For instance Ben beat me there (but it’s his job to do so, this is just my hobby (for now)):

I was a little disappointed they did not include full unit models of Enso and Veer. The Veer flexi-loft model is a small representation of the loft which does not give a good indication of the 5-foot loft ceiling height. The loft area is open to the Discovery Center’s ceiling which looks more than 5 feet in distance. Plus, potential buyers aren’t able to climb up to the model’s loft area (which is only about 3? x 5?). I think having a full-sized flex-loft model would have been beneficial as that’s one of the units that buyers seem to be unsure of.
Aside from that, the Discovery Center looks great and people should definately stop by for a look.

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