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MLS Watch: Is anyone not flipping their 2200 unit?

2200, Meritage

By November 30, 2006

Three more 2200 units hit the MLS today. 2200 Westlake #W1106 –…

Enso Construction Begins


By November 29, 2006

While I haven’t heard personally about delays at Veer I did get…

Veer Dates Pushed Back?

Veer Lofts

By November 29, 2006

Just got an e-mail from someone who has had their Veer date…

Redfin is hiring SDEs, SDETs, Agents, Etc.


By November 29, 2006

I try very hard not to use this blog to pimp Redfin…

Busy day of price slashing at the MLS

Metropole, Mezzo, Olive 8, Tavona

By November 28, 2006

4 units at Mezzo dropped in price. 711 E Denny Way #101,…

A warning to the marketing companies


By November 28, 2006

There was a great article in Canada’s national paper, The Globe and…

Pier 70


By November 28, 2006

Marlow speculates about condo living at Pier 70, Real World Seattle: So,…

Meritage Incentives


By November 28, 2006

Checking out Craigslist ads I see that the Meritage is offering $7,500-$10,000…

Condos and Dogs


By November 27, 2006

Phoenix Rudder has a post out about the challenge dog owners face…

2200 Homes Hit the MLS


By November 20, 2006

Looks like 2200 homes are beginning to hit the market. I’d be…