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Finding Price Reductions on Redfin

By November 3, 2006


Disclaimer: I work at Redfin…

Unfortunately Redfin does not have a price reduction search feature yet. In the meantime there is still a way to find price reductions. This is how I do it.

  1. Go to Redfin, set your search options and set the map to cover the area you would like to see. In my case I’m looking for condos on Capitol Hill.
  2. Click ‘Save this search’
  3. Type in your search name and set your e-mail notification to something other than ‘Never’
  4. If you aren’t logged in to your Redfin account you will be prompted to login or create one
  5. Wait for the e-mails to roll in

Now every day/week/month you will receive an e-mail from Redfin and the e-mail will let you know when the status or price of a listing changes. This is helpful to track price reductions, when listings get sold, when listings that were in ‘subject to inspection’ come back on the market, etc.

If you’re watching an area other than Capitol Hill feel free to send me the daily/weekly price reductions and I’ll post them for everyone here.

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