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A visit to Florera

By November 20, 2006


Now I’ve been off in San Fran and Manhattan the last couple weeks but Greg recently visited Florera and here are his thoughts:

I am in the market for a 2 bedroom condo and went to the Florera Greenlake sales office this weekend. I thought you might be interested in some of the details for your blog:

6 Studio + Alcove Units
3 Already Sold
572-583 sqft

29 One Bedroom Units
6 Already Sold
640-773 sqft

9 One Bedroom + Alcove Units
3 Already Sold
784-810 sqft

2 One Bedroom + Den Units
912 sqft

3 Two Bedroom One Bath Units
920 sqft

10 Two Bedroom Two Bath Units
1 Already Sold (The most expensive unit)
1059-1201 sqft

They will all be LEED certified.
Will have at least one parking space (Two bedrooms have 2 spaces).
There will be a number of electric car spaces available (I think 4).
There will be a Flexcar space.
Association dues are estimated to be approximately $400-$500.

I asked when a model unit might be ready. The sales guy was confident
that it would be 100% sold out by the time they are done so a model
would never exist. May be true, it is a great location, but the
market seems to be slowing down.

Thanks for writing in! If anyone else wants to write in or take photos I’d be more than happy to post your thoughts. And I do agree that the market is slowing so I’m a little surprised that they’re so confident that they will sell out.

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