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A warning to the marketing companies

By November 28, 2006


There was a great article in Canada’s national paper, The Globe and Mail that a friend forwarded to me today. It’s about a condo development in Toronto with over the top marketing, Oh, give me a home where the bohemians roam.

BohemianBohemian Hosted on Zooomr

It talks of parties, clueless marketing reps, VIP lists but they don’t check your name at the door, etc. All things we have seen here in Seattle but yet none of our local real estate writers are wishing to tackle. Thankfully Leah McLaren likes to throw a couple punches now and then:

The irony of it all, of course, is that there nothing particularly bohemian about the Bohemian Embassy.

I encourage you all to go read it, I think you might enjoy it :).

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