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MLS Watch

2200 Westlake, Bagley Lofts, Equinox, The Cosmopolitan

By March 30, 2007

2200 More new listings, more price reductions. One for $20k. My search…

Will Seattle buck the trend?


By March 29, 2007

Argh, another article I was interviewed for but I didn’t make it…

April Seattle Metropolitan condo buyers guide


By March 29, 2007

The April Seattle Metropolitan has a feature on not just the best…

Trace informational: I’m sold

Trace Lofts, Trace North

By March 28, 2007

Wow, I just got back from the Trace informational session, and I…

MLS Watch: Meritage re-sales and lofts at Monique and Veer

Meritage, Monique Lofts, Veer Lofts

By March 28, 2007

Meritage There has been some discussion of re-sales in the forum. One…

Reader tours the Pittsburgh in LQA


By March 28, 2007

A reader recently toured The Pittsburgh a conversion at 129 Warren that…

Vertigo Update


By March 28, 2007

A reader wrote in with the following update on Vertigo (I guess…

Rollin Street on sale

Rollin Street

By March 27, 2007

I got an e-mail reminder that today is my Rollin Street purchase…

Buying at Equinox or Leona tomorrow?

Equinox, Leona

By March 23, 2007

Tomorrow marks the first opportunity to buy at either Equinox or Leona.…

Gym to be the other Trace Lofts tenant

Trace Lofts

By March 23, 2007

A gym seems like such the wrong thing to put in the…