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You’re Invited: Urban Living Meetup — Wednesday, 21-Mar-2007

By March 15, 2007

Urban Living

by guest contributor Carl Goodman

Pull out your PDAs to make sure your calendar has our next Urban Living Meetup:

Wednesday, 21-Mar-2007
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Amber Restaurant & Lounge
2214 First Ave. (at Blanchard St.), in Belltown
(No-host soda, full bar, and appetizers will be available.)

If you’ve been a regular visitor to Matt’s blog, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the recent uptick of comments from a broader pool of commentators. Matt clearly has touched a nerve. There are a lot of us wanting to uncover some of the mysteries and expose some of the rackets involved in marketing downtown residential real estate developments and getting the mortgages needed to live in them.

But we’re not just skeptics. We celebrate being among the urban pioneers responsible for Seattle’s renaissance into a denser, more vibrant, but still wild, metropolis. Our Meetups offer informal ways for each of us to impart tips and perspectives and help build a true sense of community. Plus, we can get more of the background story (and dirt) on Matt’s relo to a certain new condo on the western slope of Capitol Hill.

Hey, if our Meetups really take off, maybe we can emulate this competing Las Vegas group (thanks to commentator Dan for sharing). Even if we aren’t so buxom, hope you’ll be able to join our community of Urban Livingites on the 21st!

Matt: Last time we had about 12 folks show up which completely blew me away. This time I look forward to seeing some familiar faces as well as some new ones; everyone is welcome, come share your war stories and finds.