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April Seattle Metropolitan condo buyers guide

By March 29, 2007


The April Seattle Metropolitan has a feature on not just the best neighborhoods but also a condo buyers guide:

Choosing a place to live is all about finding the best fit, and our city’s got infinite options. We’ve identified 10 up-and-coming neighborhoods and crunched a bunch of numbers for the whole metropolitan area so you can shop for a new home or size up the one you’re in now. Plus, a buyer’s guide to 53 of the newest condominiums on the market.

I was interviewed for the article but of course they put nothing online and our local book shop doesn’t have it yet so I don’t know if my quotes got left on the cutting room floor. Hopefully I can track down a copy tonight.

Update: Oddly enough I found a copy laying around the office. I’ll post a review of the article tonight/tomorrow but I’m sad to say the article includes the usual quotes from Leslie Williams and doesn’t delve into over supply and quality.

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