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The Stranger mocks the Condo Expo

By May 24, 2007


Charles Mudude at The Stranger writes the article I wanted to write if I knew how to write (I know it’s not an excuse but I have a degree in mathematics), Where’s the Party? I Went to the Condo Expo and All I Got Was a Pamphlet and a Bottled Water:

Why was the event so calm, so sexless, so dull? And where were the models of the “excited” buildings? And what about fancy simulations of the condos? Or how about something total outrageous, like an actual chunk of a condominium hanging in the middle of the midsize space? The best thing the event offered was a computer-generated animation of the future cityscape on a flat screen, which was hardly impressive because the same animation, Cityscape 2010, is available on the web…

So true.

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