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Funky Lofts Blog


By July 31, 2007

Today I spotted a car advertising Funky Lofts realty. Turns out they…

10 things a HOA won’t tell you


By July 31, 2007

Yahoo Finance has as a rather alarmist article on 10 Things a…

Selling #504 @ the ‘Taj: Sweet Digs!


By July 31, 2007

You would think that as a Redfin employee I’d have some sort…

SLU prices raising?

Enso, Rollin Street, Veer Lofts

By July 27, 2007

Ben and Ashley (I guess Vulcan doesn’t like me anymore. Sad, I…

Construction on QA?


By July 26, 2007

A reader wonders: I’ve been trying to sort out what’s being built…

Trace ‘upgrades’ underwhelming

Trace Lofts

By July 26, 2007

(I know I’m risking getting the worst parking spot or a bad…

5th and Madison project sold

5th and Madison

By July 20, 2007

Commercial Property News reports, Kennedy Wilson Buys Seattle Properties for $300M (thanks…

Pioneer Square Lofts – 121 Jackson

Jackson Square

By July 20, 2007

As I went to plug the meter just now (I usually don’t…

Selling a pre-sale unit


By July 19, 2007

There’s a question in the forums about selling a pre-sale unit: My…

The Townhome Invasion!


By July 18, 2007

The Stranger had an article recently on the latest housing trend, Townhome…