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10 things a HOA won’t tell you

By July 31, 2007


Yahoo Finance has as a rather alarmist article on 10 Things a Homeowners Association Won’t Tell You (via Galen). They are:

  1. “We Can’t Wait to Get Our Hands on Your Money — Or Even Your Home.”
  2. “We’re More Secretive Than the CIA.”
  3. “When in Doubt, We Sue.”
  4. “You Won’t Be Able to Sell When You Want.”
  5. “We’re Poorer Than We Look.”
  6. “We Can Make Up the Rules as We Go Along.”
  7. “We Don’t Want You at Our Meetings.”
  8. “We’re in Over Our Heads.”
  9. “We Work for Nothing but Get Compensated in Other Ways.”
  10. “We’re Incredibly Petty.”

Does this line up with people’s experiences? I haven’t done this whole condo thing long enough to know if should be running to a single family dwelling or not.

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