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By December 13, 2007


“Matt Goyer is LAME” left this delightful comment on my Festive Evening on 12th post.

Your website should be urbnbitching.com.

Isn’t this the industry that supports your livelihood? Get over yourself. Enjoy eating your own dogfood and shut up.

Normally I’d delete the comment but it turns out someone from a Williams Marketing IP address left the comment.

Firstly, if you don’t like my blog, don’t read it and/or write your own.

Secondly, yes I work in the real estate industry but I work at a rapidly growing national real estate company. Our company’s success does not depend on the downtown Seattle condo market and if the downtown Seattle condo market needs trashing in order to improve I will gladly trash it here.

Thirdly, I do enjoy eating my own dogfood. I’ve used my company twice and live in new construction condos. I stand by my statement that those who actually depend on the Seattle condo industry should spend more time listening to customers or being one themselves. Though if you’re reading this I guess you’re one step ahead of your peers who don’t.

And last but not least. I love living where I live. Ted’s done a great job with Trace and together him, Liz, their teams, the businesses and the residents are spearheading great change on 12th.

Bonus Tidbit: Redfin will be on the Today show tomorrow at around 7:40 AM. We’re all waking up early to man the phones and email. Should be fun.

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