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MLS Watch: Finally Listings Worth Clicking On

By April 10, 2008

Bellora, Cristalla, Grand Pacific Hotel, Millennium Tower, The Parc

After lots of new boring listings coming on the market every day we finally have some interesting ones!


Unit #310 at Bellora is sporting the largest mirror I’ve seen in a downtown condo:

Bellora Seattle Condo

I don’t want to know how much that fugly thing cost.

Colonial Grand Pacific

I guess with a name like Colonial Grand Pacific you’d sort of expect the interiors to be funky. Today #211 came on the market if you’re into lofts that mated with craftsmen.

Colonial Grand pacific, 1119 1st Ave, Seattle, Wa

Colonial Grand pacific, 1119 1st Ave, Seattle, Wa - Unit 211 Kitchen

#202 has been on the market 45 days and is sporting a pretty choice bathroom:

Colonial Grand pacific, 1119 1st Ave, Seattle, Wa - Unit 202 Kitchen

#306 is also on the market (only 9 days – I guess the primary photo wasn’t compelling enough for me to check it out last week), sporting an equally nasty bathroom as #202 and a kitchen needing remodeling but at it does have a pretty nice living room window:

Colonial Grand pacific, 1119 1st Ave, Seattle, Wa - Unit 306 Living Room


A big two bedroom was listed today at Cristalla, #1404.

2033 2nd Ave #1404, Seattle, WA - Seattle Condo

I’m curious to see if the owner will actually realize a $300,000 gain since they bought it in 2005.

Millenium Tower

At only $823/square foot #1506 is practically a bargain. 3,249 square feet for $2,675,000.

Millennium tower Seattle Condo

I have a feeling it will be on the market a while as #1704 ($1,795,000) has been on the market 206 days and #2001 ($10 Million) 335 days.


Not surprisingly the Parc is lowering prices.

#522 dropped from $439,000 to $416,950.

#329 dropped from $359,000 to $349,000.

#528 has gone from $339,000 to $319,000.

At the same time they should add photos of the actual units to their listings.

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