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Two Level Lofts

By April 21, 2008

Los Angeles Co-op, Post Mews

I’ve been skiing in Whistler which explains the lack of posts here. I’ll blog more tonight, in the meantime here is a 1913 two level loft in Pioneer Square that came on the market at $589,000:

I think the no parking might be a deal breaker for many.

But if you’re more a Capitol Hill person check out 214 Summer Ave E #402. Also two levels but larger at 1,550 square feet and only $465,000.

Friends of mine are selling the place (they didn’t use Redfin because its a co-op.) At $465,000 I think it’s priced to sell but like the Pioneer Square loft it is lacking parking. I may be biased but if I were still on the market for a place I’d have seriously considered this unit. Downsides: no parking and a co-op. But upsides are that it has a view, it’s large, cheap $/square foot and exposed brick.

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