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Modern Gas Fireplace – No Hookup Required!

By May 21, 2008


Megan sent me a PR blurb about an interesting modern gas fireplace that doesn’t require a hookup making it ideal for condo owners. It’s the EcoSmart. From her email:

The Eco Smart Fireplace runs on renewable corn-based ethanol, which can be purchased by the can at any paint or hardware store – meaning that there is no installation or utility hook-up required. Ethanol burns completely clean so there is no need to worry about harmful chemicals or unpleasant smells.

It is extremely convenient for condo owners who don’t have the option of installing a traditional fireplace (complete with flue, gas lines, etc.), and who may not like the aesthetics of an electric one. While it can be built-in to look more traditional, the Eco Smart Fire is designed to operate safely and function just as well standing alone.

I like the coffee table version. It’d fit the best in my unit:

Megan also included a picture of one installed by the local distributor in his 5th and Madison condo:

I wonder how much they are?

Bonus Link: Just be glad you don’t live in Manhattan or you’d need to haul it up five flights of stairs, Fith-Floor Walkups – Worth the Climb.

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