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Condos That Have Had a Substantial Re-Model?

By May 22, 2008


I recently received an email from a reader whose condo is facing a major re-model and wondering if there are other buildings that have gone through something similar:

I am working on a cost benefit analysis that will (hopefully) illustrate the feasibility of the project. In doing so, I am trying to identify condominium projects that have had rather substantial remodels of common areas, so that I can trend values before the remodel, and after the remodel, to see if we can identify a change in value tends as a result of the project. Any identifiable change in value can then be compared to the cost of the project and presented to the homeowners to determine if a special assessment is appropriate.

Can you think of any buildings that have been substantially (cosmetically) remodeled that I could use in such an analysis?

Can anyone help out with some suggestions?

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