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Inventory, Ballard, Downtown Grocery Store

By June 18, 2008

Ballard, Downtown

You’re probably wondering when I’ll stop posting these lame link round ups. Me too.

Seattle PI has a story with a great headline, Instead of condos, Queen Anne gets cars. Yes, that’s right, we can’t afford condos any more but we can afford luxury cars? Makes perfect sense. The article does mention some inventory numbers:

Among new downtown, Queen Anne and South Lake Union condo projects that have been marketed for at least 11 months, 1,613 of 2,551 total units (63 percent) had sold as of June 8.

Meanwhile, 938 units (37 percent) are still on the market, according to the Fat Report, a weekly publication of the Columbia Real Estate Group and CondoCompare.com.

Next up is an article from the Seattle Times about how quickly we’ve added housing inventory, Seattle’s housing growth is off the charts. In fact:

In just over three years, Seattle already is halfway to reaching its targeted housing growth for 20 years.

And a few sections of town — Ballard, Eastlake, the Central Area, Greenlake, Lower Queen Anne and downtown — already have exceeded their 20-year targets.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t buy a condo in Ballard to flip?

Speaking of Ballard, Edith Macefield passed away. She’s the woman who refused a $1 million to sell out in order to make way for even more Ballard condos. I believe I read in a different article that they designed the building so that they could easily fill in the hole created by her house and that she possibly left the house to a superintendent at the development who was taking care of her.

Moving back downtown, the true urbanites must be glad that Kress Supermarket is now open, Downtown gets a new supermarket.

Posting will be light, I’m off to Vancouver to compete at the Canadian nationals in our J24.

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