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Are You Responsible For All This!?

By June 24, 2008


I was running late yesterday so I cabbed back up to Capitol Hill. As I got in the cab holding a poster tube with a wall decal that had just arrived from Europe, the cabbie asked me if I was responsible for all this, waving his hands, at all the tall buildings. Surprised, I said no, but why? Well, he thought I might be an architect and if I was he wanted me to know that he hated all the condos going up in Seattle. Curious, I asked him which ones he disliked the most. At the top of his list were Trio, 2200 and Escala. Asked which ones he liked he said there was a modern glass one in Lower Queen Anne designed by the computer mafia. I couldn’t figure out where he was talking about. Perhaps Lumen?

As we rolled up Pike he gestured again, this time to the empty sidewalks and streets asking where all the zombie like drones were and wondered where the people who lived in these condos were. I explained its the empty nesters moving into the city but he didn’t buy it. He said everyone he picks up at a condo is under thirty. Fed up with Seattle he is moving to Redondo Beach next month.

Bonus Link: This time from Carl, Condo Company Unwraps Plan For Clothing-Optional Pool:

Swimmers will have the option of wearing nothing at all at the Arbors at Branch Creek, a complex of 390 homes that landed on the idea to help move units in a down market.

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