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Photos from Olive 8

By August 27, 2008

Olive 8

I think Megan who does PR for Olive 8 should just write an Olive 8 blog but until that day comes I’ll re-post the occasional PR missive sent my way.

Today she sent over some photos of the blue roof:

Olive 8’s blue-glazed “eyebrow”, or roof canopy, is currently being installed. These ten-foot sheets of deep blue blend seamlessly into the (sometimes) blue sky above and in the evening – with the help of a continuous strip of up-lighting – will glow cool blue. I had the chance to snap some photos (included below) of this install last Friday – one of the few sunny days we’ve had recently.

The vertical steel supports that hold this blue glass canopy nearly seven feet past the roof edge were installed recently. The overall height of the supports had to be increased to accommodate a 360-degree revolving window washing stage, which must be able to lift up and over the roof parapet and travel around the building face.

Click through for more photos:

Yay or nay on the roof?

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