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Brix Contractor Speaks Out About Liens

By March 5, 2009


A disgruntled Brix contractor speaks out in the comments.

TODAY (MARCH 5, 2009) I AM FILING A NEW LIEN AND I AM OWED THE MONIES NOTED ABOVE BUT, I am only going after the retention.

Update: I have a call into the contractor who left the comment and I spoke to a representative from Schnitzer West, the Brix developer, about this issue. Schnitzer West does’t want liens any more than anyone else and is working through these issues. There’s also some magic they do in terms of bonds and insurance to insure that the titles for the individual units are free and clear. I have to admit I don’t fully understand the situation and don’t have the time to dig into it today so you should consult with your real estate agent or a real estate lawyer if you’re looking at a project with liens (Brix isn’t the only one) about the impact to you.

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