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Beware Kone Elevator Flooring

By May 6, 2009


Both the new construction projects I bought at had developer installed elevator flooring. Once everyone had moved in that flooring had taken quite the beating so the HOAs wanted it replaced. Both buildings went to the elevator manufacturer, Kone, for replacement flooring.

Unfortunately their replacement flooring stinks. Literally. It smells AWFUL. Of course the smell goes away after a month or two but the smell the first few weeks is so bad you can smell it down the hall.

It also doesn’t look that good and shows dirt. My first building has the gray version, my current place has the black. Here it is:

An option on one of my places is looking at for replacing the Kone rubber with is Flor tiles. They’re pretty cheap, lightweight… Ideally we’d put in tile or something but apparently it weighs too much for this kind of elevator.

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