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Disgruntled BoConcept Sofa Buyer

By May 26, 2009


We also have a disgruntled BoConcept sofa buyer in the comments:

What a disappointing experience. I just spent $2000+ on a Terni sofa. I thought it looked cool and chic in the store room. But, just days after use, I’m stuck with a sofa that looks like it just did hard duty in some frat house for two years. The ‘soft’ cushions do not hold their shape, the slip covers fall any which way, and basically, the casual look is reduced to shabby looking. I called the people at BoConcept, and was advised that I need to “work the pillows” each time I sit on the sofa. What a rediculous notion. It’s a sofa – you sit on it a dozen times a day. After some pushing from me, they picked up the seat cushions, brought them back to the store, fluffed them up, and laid them out next to the cushions of the floor model, sent me a grainy picture and said….”look, it’s no different from what we have”. Just an appauling sense of customer relations. I told them I was unsatisfied, and that I wanted either an exchange for a different sofa model, or my money back. I was blithely told I was only eligible for something like a 40% return on my investment if I had brought the sofa back just a few days after I got it. So, here I am….brand new apartment, some nice furniture, and I’m stuck with this monstrosity of a sofa. Boooo concept for your sucky attitude, poor customer relations and lousy furniture.

If that doesn’t deter you they are running a floor sample sale.

In other furniture store news I can’t believe that I didn’t discover David Smith in South Lake Union until this weekend. Wow, do they have some crazy wood pieces. If only I had a 17,000 square foot church to furnish.

Update: BoConcept responded on Twitter:

For every “Disgruntled BoConcept Sofa Buyer” I have a gazillion happy customers who can share a positive experience with our store.

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