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Video Explaining Condo Bulk Buy

By October 18, 2009

Eleven Eleven East Pike, The Decatur

Realizing this condo bulk buy idea is kinda confusing Realogics has put together a video answering the frequently asked questions:

Condo Bulk Buy from Northwest Public Relations on Vimeo.

Dean also emailed over the following:

I do recognize the bulk sales approach is a new concept for folks to wrap their minds around. It’s important to remember that many dynamics affect a sales price – it’s never as easy as “just price them fair”. What’s fair? How do you establish “fair”? There are numerous parties that need to agree with the market price, including the developer, their equity partners, the construction lender, the broker, the appraiser and ultimately – the buyer! I do agree that “finding the market” is a process and whether that’s via bulk sales or an auction – this takes buyer participation.

To start the process, we negotiated the best price we could with participating sellers. It became clear they would only sell for less if they made more sales quickly – hence the bulk sales program. The good news is we’re already approaching 50% commitments at our projects so we’re getting good traction. It’s likely our seller’s will set pricing next week based on the interest and we’ll get some deals closed in the next month.

To ask them questions in purpose you can see them at the following events:

  • Tuesday, October 20 (1-4pm) – The Decatur Broker’s Open House
  • Tuesday, October 20 (4-7pm) – Eleven Eleven East Pike Broker’s Open House
  • Wednesday, October 21 (5-7pm) – Eleven Eleven East Pike Homebuyer Preview and Q&A
  • Thursday, October 22 (5-7pm) – The Decatur Homebuyer Preview and Q&A
  • Saturday & Sunday, October (12-6pm) – The Decatur and Eleven Eleven East Pike Sales Event

Disclaimer: Condo Bulk Buy is an advertiser here. Them being an advertiser doesn’t make the concept any less confusing.

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