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Property Management Companies Matter

By December 2, 2009


It’s interesting to contrast the customer service of the two different condo management companies I have to deal with.

For both units I’ve needed additional garage door fobs.

With Madrona who manages Trace Lofts I’ve been able to get fobs the next day when they have them in stock (they’re also conveniently located a block away making picking them up very easy). The one time they were out they mailed it to me a few days later.

With CWD Group I have emailed and phoned them a number of times for the last four weeks and have been unable to get a response from them as to when or how I can get a replacement fob. It is driving me crazy!

Unfortunately as an individual home owner you have little control over the selection of management companies, but your HOA does. Let them know how your management company is doing.

Hell, it was easier to get a replacement fob for my 1993 Land Cruiser via some sketchy Internet site.

Update: I emailed the president of CWD but received an auto-reply saying:

Please be advised that I will be traveling until December 15th. Due to the volume of e-mail I receive, I may be unable to reply prior to my return to Seattle.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team at 206-706-8000 for assistance.

Unfortunately their customer service team is the problem.

Update 2: Annoyed I need to drive to Salmon Bay to pick it up. Why don’t they have offices downtown where their buildings are?

Update 3: CWD just mailed me a new remote at no cost. Thanks CWD!

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