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The 5 Most Expensive Condo Sales of 2009

By January 6, 2010

1521 - Fifteen Twenty-One, Four Seasons, Market Place Tower

I spent some time digging through public records to find the 5 most expensive condo sales of 2009.

  1. $11.3 million on 2/2/2009 – Four Seasons Unit #1602. Likely Bruce McCaw’s pad. This unit was just $90k short of setting’s Seattle’s most expensive condo sale (which is I believe, #1703 at the Four Seasons which was sold last year for $11.386 mil.)
  2. $9.75 million on 1/2/2009 – Market Place Tower unit #1. TechFlash article on the sale and my earlier post. Sadly I never toured it while it was on the market.
  3. $5.4 million on 4/16/2009 – 1521 Unit 3600 – 2,863 square feet
  4. $5.35 million on 4/10/2009 – 1521 Unit 3602 – 2,601 square feet
  5. $5.29 million on 4/9/2009 – 1521 Unit 3700 – 2,847 square feet

Even though 2009 was a down year for condos around Seattle there were still some very expensive condos that traded hands!

If I’m missing a sale let me know and if you know the agents involved in these transactions I’d like to add that to the post as well.

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