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Interesting Sales Last Week

By April 5, 2011

200 West Highland, Escala, Marselle, Trace North

Seattle saw 39 closed sales on condos and townhouses – and just over half of those sales were on new construction (built in 2008 or later). Trace North (#604), Escala (#1801), Marselle (#606), and 200 W Highland (#203) each closed a sale apiece, but the real story last week was in townhouses around Greenlake.

7812 Stroud Ave N
7812 Stroud Ave N

This PB Elemental townhouse on the northern end of Greenlake went pending after only 5 days, and finally closed last week for $539K. Its sister (or brother?) at 7814 Stroud Ave N is still on the market for $483.5K.

7422 5th Ave NE
7422 5th Ave NE

This 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath townhouse is the second in the development to sell. Sold for a price of $375K, you will find the remaining units for sale are priced similarly in their listings.

Townhouses South of Greenlake
Townhouses on Greenlake Way N

Did you miss the sale on the townhouses south of Greenlake? Me too. These townhouses ranged from the low price of $212 per square foot, to the lowest of $164 per square foot.

Update: The townhouses south of Greenlake are now listed on Craigslist for rent ($1675 for 1bd, $2050-$2450 for 2bd). Thanks to John for the tip!