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Upcoming Design Reviews [May 1-18]

By May 2, 2011


Here’s a quick rundown of proposals being put in front of the Design Review Board in the early weeks of May. The full schedule of reviews can be found on

University District

  • Early design guidance meeting to review the proposal for a 7-story, 374-unit apartment project with 300-400 parking spaces located at 4535 12th Ave NE and 4550 11th Ave NE. Includes retail and some live/work at street level. May 2, 6:30PM @ University Heights Center, Rm 209 (map)

Capitol Hill

  • Early design guidance meeting to discuss the 59 unit building with 16 parking spaces proposed for a Capitol Hill apartment project at 418 Bellevue Ave E. It sits two stories higher than its surrounding buildings. CHS has more details. May 4, 6:30PM @ Seattle Vocational Institute, Rm 102/103 (map)


  • Plans for 2700 Elliott Ave have been tossed around since 2002, as has ownership of the project that last we heard was in the hands of Schuster Group. Before putting the project on hold, Schuster did a couple of rounds of reviews in 2009 for a 13-story, 122-unit building. But that was last time. If the current proposal were available online, I’d be able to tell you more about what’s on tap for May 10.  May 10, 5:30PM @ City Hall, Rm L280 (map)

Queen Anne

  • For the location of 3040 17th Ave W, Unico Properties proposes a seven-story building with 234 homes above 5,500 square feet of ground-floor retail space and 197 parking spaces. May 18, 8PM @ Queen Anne Community Center, Rm 3 (map)