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News for Renters, Buyers, and Donut Lovers

By May 25, 2011


Mostly I read the news to stay up on such important events like the June 3rd celebration of National Donut Day but there’s been a fair amount in recent weeks for buyers and renters. Here’s a quick synopsis.

CNN Money says buy in Seattle, but Seattle Times says troubled market is shifting younger generation’s sentiment to rent. Then again, it might just be a matter of lifestyle.

PSBJ says to expect new highs for Seattle apartment rents, while new apartment complex, The Station, tests how high rents can go when connected to Seattle by light rail (btw: still 12% below new apartments in Seattle).

And from Seattle Times, landlords might have the upper hand in this market with disappearing incentives in desirable neighborhoods, but the typical renter can’t afford a 1-bedroom apartment says the Seattle PI.