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How Fast is the Internet in Your Building?

By June 1, 2011

1521 - Fifteen Twenty-One, 5th and Madison, Cristalla, First Hill Plaza

Last week Geekwire profiled, a growing branch of Spectrum Networks that is bringing high speed Internet to condos and apartments in Seattle.

CondoInternet’s service is not just high speed — it is being coined as “super broadband” because it has a minimum speed of 100 Mbps, with some services allowing surging up to 500 Mbps. According to CondoInternet’s website, with 100 Mbps speeds you can download a complete CD in 60 seconds, a DVD in 6 minutes 30 seconds, or watch 6 or more HDTV streams at the same time.

How does one get such lightning-fast speeds in their condo?
If you live in 1521, Cristalla, or one of the 13 other residential buildings in Seattle, then you are sitting pretty because their equipment is already installed. The cost to each unit is $60/month to get a minimum of 100 Mbps.

If your building is not on the list, getting CondoInternet is a little more involved. Condointernet needs to install their equipment (which isn’t cheap) so they generally target apartments or condo buildings with 100-150+ units to achieve economy of scale. If a building wants their service then the developer or HOA needs to sign a no-cost, non-exclusive agreement with CondoInternet to get equipped. Once the agreement is in place, the installation can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to complete.

CondoInternet currently has 6 buildings on the books to get equipped, including 5th and Madison, Montreaux, and First Hill Plaza. Plus, 6-8 more buildings are in the paperwork stages (I couldn’t get Bill at CondoInternet to spill since the deals weren’t inked yet).

For those comparison shoppers out there, comparable services include the recently released Comcast Extreme 105 which starts at $105/month according to this press release and Verizon FiOS Ultimate which serves up 150 Mbps starting at $199/mo.