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Two Left at 1111 E Pike; Decatur Down to One 2-Bd

By June 8, 2011

Eleven Eleven East Pike, The Decatur

Well, it appears I have a little media blast catching up to do. Since the condo inventory roll-up we did on May 18, the Decatur and 1111 East Pike have each sold 3 units according to media blasts sent out last Friday. That brings the Decatur to 22 remaining (85% sold) and 1111 East Pike has only 2 left (92% sold)

While inventory at the Kundig-designed 1111 East Pike is down to just two 1-bedroom condos, the Decatur is on the verge of selling out of 2-bedroom units. I had the opportunity to tour the Decatur a while back and have to say, the 2-bedroom impressed – which might explain why there is only one remaining in their inventory (#407).

You would think that because the 2-bedrooms are on the lower floors they are less desirable than a unit on an upper floor, but actually the view of the historic building next door is great. I’ll admit I’m a fan of trees outside my window and you wouldn’t necessarily expect such a view to exist among the tall buildings on First Hill.

Here’s a photo I snapped from the window of #407:

Decatur - #407 View

Disclaimer: 1111 East Pike and Decatur are Urban Living advertisers.