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Live Off The Grid in 192 Sq Ft Container

By June 19, 2011


HyBrid Arch - Cargotecture

Seattle’s Hybrid Architecture was chosen by Sunset to build their 2011 Make It Your Own Home.

In partnership with Seattle’s HyBrid Architecture, we’re taking reuse and recycle to new levels. Built from a 192-square-foot converted shipping container, the studio cottage features a kitchen, bathroom, living space, built-in bedding, and outdoor deck. Its petite scale makes it ideal for urban density or vacation property applications.

In a related article about the cargotecture movement, HyBrid says the Cargotecture c192 Nomad is a complete small retreat home that sleeps up to four and can be 100% off-the-grid, shipped anywhere in the world and the home may last 400 years. The Nomad is factory complete at $59,000 in 30 to 60 days.

HyBrid was the architect for GreenFab’s home that was built in a day, plus Matt blogged about HyBrid back in 2009 when they built an office/retail project in Georgetown from 12 shipping containers.

Bonus link: If you like shipping container homes, check out this amazing modern home for $40K in Costa Rica (Inhabitat).