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Volta Update: Submittal Deadline Complete

By June 29, 2011


Volta on Bell

Last time we checked, the unfinished Volta development in Belltown was opened up for sealed bid offers due by May 9. However, that date passed uneventfully and then the website changed to say “sealed bid offers accepted until date TBD”.

And what does it say today?

Submittal Deadline Complete.

Urban Living got word that last Friday the request for sealed bids on Volta officially closed. A total of eleven bids were submitted and 5 have been carried forward for further evaluation. The offers were a mixed bunch: from finish and sell as condos, to finish and lease as apartments, and even bids that wanted to keep their options open to go either way.

I think you know what result we’re hoping for over here at Urban Living – new condo inventory. Right now 2012 (and beyond) is looking pretty stale without it.