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Toronto’s $100K Parking, Prefab on Ebay

By July 8, 2011


A couple of quick news bites that aren’t necessarily local.

$100K Parking Spot in Toronto – In light of recent discussion about the value of a parking spot on Capitol Hill, I thought you might be interested to hear that the Four Seasons in Toronto has reached news-worthy levels for parking spots currently valued at $100K. Of course, if you are more concerned with how daily and monthly parking rates in Seattle stack up against other US cities, then read this PSBJ article.

Dwell Show Prefab unit is open to Bids on eBay – Jetson Green has the details on the prefab model that is being auctioned on eBay. Starting bid is $160K for the 520 square foot Modern Living Showhouse that was on display at Dwell on Design 2011. Bidders should take note that bids do not appear to cover shipping…but it will be stored for up to 45 days while you figure out what to do :). Bidding closes July 15.

Dwell Showhouse