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Interesting Sales Last Week

By July 25, 2011

Eleven Eleven East Pike, Escala, Harvard and Highland, Olive 8, Trace North

Seattle closed 18 condo and townhouse sales last week. That’s not a lot :). Following is a look at the five new construction condos that closed – a couple located downtown and a run of second floor units on Capitol Hill.

Escala #1204
Escala B layout
Downtown’s Escala sold a 910 square foot condo on the 12th floor for $469K. The 1-bedroom, 1.5-bath is a west-facing, B plan layout that pulled a value of $515/sq ft. In last checking with Escala, it is the A plans and F plans that are nearest to selling out in the building.

Olive 8 #3500
737 Olive Wy #3500
At Olive 8, this 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo sold last week for $1.1M ($717/sq ft). Now that #3500 is sold, it looks like there are only 3 left of this corner layout with the west-facing views.

Trace North #402
1414 12th Ave #402
This 1-bedroom condo on the second floor of Trace North finally closed for $252K after going pending in April. At 610 square feet, the final sale price of this Capitol Hill condo garnered $413 per square foot.

Eleven Eleven #205
1111 E Pike St #205
Around the corner, a second floor unit sold at 1111 E Pike. For $255K, the buyer got this 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and 623 square foot condo at $409/sq ft.

Harvard and Highland #4
1185 Broadway Ave E #4
Over on the north end of Capitol Hill, Harvard and Highland sold a second floor unit as well. The 2 bedroom, 2.25 bath luxury condo sold for $1.25M ($634/sq ft).

Disclaimer: Olive 8, Trace North, Eleven Eleven, and Harvard and Highland are Urbnlivn advertisers.