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Seattle’s Developing Developments

By August 8, 2011


Proposals and emerging plans for new construction are in the works in Belltown and West Seattle. Also, more details on the BelRoy Apartments on Capitol Hill.

  • [Belltown] The new proposal for 2334 Elliott Ave is having its first design review meeting on Aug 23 for a 140-unit+ building. But are they being intentionally vague about whether they are building apartments or condos? Seattle Condo Blog has the details.
  • [Capitol Hill] The Mad Homes Art Exhibit is now closed and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog provides more insight into Point32’s plans for this space. 58 units will be added to the existing 51 and most permits are filed and awaiting DPD approval.
  • [West Seattle] The demolition and new land use permits signal a revival of the project at 5020 California Ave SW. 101 units are planned instead of the former 91. West Seattle Blog tells us all about it.
  • [West Seattle] Also seeing signs of a new building is the site at 26th and Dakota. Details are still being worked out since Legacy Partners doesn’t yet own the site, but indications are that it will be close to the 179+ units that are authorized under the current master use permit. More on West Seattle Blog.