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Interesting Sales Last Week

By September 5, 2011

Bellora, Escala, Harvard and Highland, Olive 8, The Opal, Trace North

Seattle closed 40 sales in condos and townhouses last week. Not a bad count for the week, Seattle. Not bad at all. The last time weekly sales totaled numbers higher than the 20’s or 30’s was the first week in July.

So what sold last week? In new construction, the following inventory moved:

Trace North #519 for $255K (last we checked it was listed for $275K).
1414 12th Ave #519

Escala #1003 sold for $454K (1bd/1b, 910 sf).
1920 4th Ave #1003

Olive 8 #2906 closed for $455K (1bd/1b, 808 sf).
737 Olive Wy #2906

Harvard & Highland PH #7 closed for $1.45M (2bd/2b, 1,835 sf).
209294 3 Harvard & Highland is 77% Sold

And then there were a few notable resales that closed:

1605 E Pike St #302 sold for $528K (bye-bye eye candy at The Opal containing 2bd/2b, 1,363 sf).
1605 E Pike St #203

1802 E John St closed for $510K (the first of three townhouses to close in this sold out gProjects development).
159757 15 gProjects Building at 18th and John

2716 Elliott Ave #505 sold for $190K (after several price drops from $294K — the Bellora 1-bedroom’s asking price back in January).
2716 Elliott Ave #505

Disclaimer: Trace North, Harvard & Highland, and Olive 8 are Urban Living advertisers.