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Lofts For Rent Around Seattle

By October 6, 2011

Austin A. Bell, Monterey Lofts, Packard, Rollin Street, The Lofts at 210 Third, Trace Lofts

I started out writing about the Monterey Lofts unit that is available for rent (looks to be an interesting space in the LEED Silver certified building) but really, there are more lofts for rent out there than I expected so thought I’d list a few.

What you will find below is a mix of lofts listed on Craigslist. Some are condos for rent by owner, others are managed apartment buildings (*), and most (but not all) are one bedroom units.

Trace Lofts on Capitol Hill — 800 sf 1-bedroom for $1900/mo (furnished, parking add’l $100/mo) 1408 12th Ave

Packard Building on Capitol Hill* — 874 sf 1-bedroom for $1,800/mo (unfurnished, not sure about parking) 1530 12th Ave

The Lofts in Pioneer Square — 1,629 sf 1-bedroom for $2850/mo (furnished, parking included) 210 3rd Ave S
the lofts

Monterey Lofts in Pioneer Square* — 1,200 sf 1-bedroom for $1520/mo (unfurnished, parking not included) 406 2nd Ave. Ext. S
monterey lofts

Austin Bell in Belltown — 1,270 sf 2-bedroom for $2,295/mo (unfurnished, parking included) 2324 1st Ave #202
austin bell

Rollin Street Flats in South Lake Union* — 799 sf 1-bedroom for $1895/mo (unfurnished, parking not included) 120 Westlake Ave N
rollin street